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Do you have a passion for youth engagement? Do you have an expertise in a creative field with a few hours to fill? Coyote Central is looking for volunteer classroom mentors just like you! Your role will help enrich individual problem solving skills and self- awareness for young creatives in the greater Seattle area. A one-quarter commitment is required (3hrs/week for 7 weeks). Help young people maximize their experience and opportunity to make personal and meaningful work..


Classroom Mentors volunteer time and expertise to support Teaching Artists in hands-on ways in the classroom. They support our mission-based methodology of open-ended dialogue with students to encourage problem solving and reflection. Classroom Mentors must be willing to show their own vulnerability, suspending their own opinions in order to give free reign to the youth’s perspective. Due to the hands-on nature of our classes, mentors must also have prior experience with the medium being studied.


  • Support Teaching Artist in daily classes, including active hands-on work with youth

  • Provide an extra set of hands in demonstrations or group activities

  • Model active listening, curiosity and leadership to students

  • Help with clean up, set-up and transitions

  • Help identify and assist students who may need extra support

  • Engage youth with open-ended questions to guide them in critical thinking and finding possible solutions on their own


  • Experience in the creative medium being studied

  • Willingness to work as a member of a team, taking cues from the Teaching Artist

  • Prior experience working with young people in a leadership capacity (preferred)

  • Competency listening to and problem-solving with students of diverse backgrounds

  • Ability to initiate conversation with youth rather than waiting for youth to come to you

  • Personal integrity and a passion for enriching the lives of youth through creativity


We ask that our classroom mentors commit to attending ALL sessions of each 20-hour course. Fall, Winter and Spring, classes meet 7 times for 3 hour sessions. Summer and Break classes meet for 5 consecutive days (M-F) for 4 hour sessions. A consistent presence fully integrates mentors into the classroom, and enables a strong sense of community and support. In this way youth feel the freedom and safety to take risks while mentors have a worthwhile and valuable experience.